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Machine Learning is a wide area of Artificial Intelligence focused in design and development of an algorithm that identifies and learn patterns exist in data provided as input. AI is the catalyst for IR 4.0. This innovation will set an additional or a new approach of governing and managing organizations, particularly companies. By now you have definitely heard a lot about data analytics and big data, how you
can build and organize a data science team, and how to manage it to utilize data analysis techniques for
generating actionable insights in your organization. This workshop is the latest one in my series of Data Science workshops, designed for data analytics professionals. This workshop will be the place to present and discuss leading edge big data and machine learning applications, and to better understand the future potential and impact of these technologies on your industry. This workshop is planned to be conducted aiming to present the most essential elements of the whole pipeline of data analytics projects, from identifying the business problems to building machine learning models and communicating the results through dynamic dashboards. All mentioned analytics techniques will be presented through the practical sessions in R, Tableau and other designated tools so that you can focus on managing your data analytics project and moving it forward.


July 31, 2019
August 1, 2019
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