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As we are stepping into a new era, is it crucial that credit risk management has played a significant role not only in the world of banking but almost for all the business in the economy. As the word ‘risk’ strike our mind with fear, but how many companies have actually taken the effective approach to overcome it? In addition to that, what are the best ways to prevent this problem remains unclear to most of the companies.

A good credit risk management will help a business to gain the potential of booming, whereas poor credit risk management will eventually lead a business into pitfall. Therefore it is crucial to manage it with utmost care!

As a business; how can you improve your rating, how can you structure your debt more effectively and as a bank, how can you investigate regulation, rating and portfolio management? This course will be the answer to all your doubts This course is a theoretical-practical course designed to address the strategies and legal aspect in debt collection and credit recovery.


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