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Switch Thinking in Small – Big Win Innovation.

Managers and leaders are being asked to be more innovative, every day. But they are being forced to decide between small, incremental innovation (that can still make a big difference) and large scale, disruptive innovation. This is a false choice. It’s not one vs the other. It’s small and big innovation – at the same
time. To innovate successfully requires your thinking, feeling and doing to be all in alignment. Too often courses or presentations on innovation only concentrate on one of these. Yet how you think influences how you feel and what you do. This is why this new course has been designed. Day 1 is all about the thinking tools that individuals, groups and teams can use every day to generate, enhance and evaluate breakthrough ideas. The first day will also cover Speed Thinking which Dr Ken invented and wrote an international book on. This is a highly energizing, practical and interactive way of solving problems and generating amazing ideas in minutes. Participants will amaze themselves. The last session on day 1 will be focused on Dr Ken Hudson’s latest concept – Switch Thinking. This is a meta skill that every team leader should learn if they want to be successful in the Future of Work. Day 2 starts with the emotion of innovation. This is the stuff that no one talks about but often is the biggest barrier.
For example:
What if my idea fails? How do I move out of my comfort zone? How can we as a group or team take more risks? The next section is on making innovation happen via a Small Wins approach. Even the biggest dreams need to start with small steps. Then the course moves to discussing how to reinvent a brand, business or organization (or your career) and ends with the latest thinking on disruption. Questions such as Are you about to be disrupted? Why/why not? Will be explored. The course will be two way, collaborative and follow a ‘learning by doing’ approach. The content for this course has been tested with managers and
leaders from some of the leading brands and businesses around Asia and Australia.


July 8, 2019
July 9, 2019
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