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Modern management in companies assumed P&L and cash flow management as one of the most important struments
for monitoring and controlling the normal functioning of the business. Adequate cash flow management is based on the proper compiling cash flow statement and its interpretation. To determine the adequacy of the use of this report and the importance attached to managing cash flows, as universally applicable knowledge and skills, research was performed in local companies through a survey. The influence of different profiles cash needs of companies in relation to different aspects of the analysis of the cash flows. The results indicate that respondents with continuous and seasonal profiles cash needs have satisfactory knowledge of the subject research and the views that are completely or partially affirmative with respect to: future cash flows as a major determinant of the value of the enterprise, the positions of complementarity statements of cash flows in compared to the income statement and balance sheet. Companies that are not profiled your cash needs in the questionnaire stated disagreement with the above paragraphs,
which represents a statement of their insufficient level of knowledge of the cash basis of financial reporting. Illiquidity of the domestic economy and the existing situation dictate the necessity of raising the quality of knowledge and skills in managing cash flows based on quality statements of cash flows
and how effectively manage your incoming and outgoing money to ensures you have a healthy business. This course is meant for you will guide you step by step using simulation approach to managing profit & cash flow, investment, budgeting processes & read financial statements. Free practical well tested excel templates are provided.


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