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The Development, Protection and Commercialization of Technology.

The life expectancy of a business these days is less than 10 years, compared with some 65 years in the 1920’s. To survive and prosper businesses need to be constantly improving their offering, understanding markets better than before and actively looking for new opportunities. However, having the “next big thing” is of little value unless you know how to bring it to the market and avoid the many pitfalls that so often “kill” new products and new businesses. This is the essence of this course. To provide systems that can easily be embedded into your organisation to provide a true understanding of opportunity capture, marketing, the pitfalls in IP and how to avoid the real risks in commercialisation of product and services. Included in this course are many case studies and exercises where participants will explore real products that have been wonderfully successful, and others that seem to “tick all the boxes” and yet have failed. From this course you will gain real hands on experience to enable you to better understand and experience the real world of new product conception, development, IP and successful commercialisation. A course for senior executives and professionals involved with organisational development and growth founded on the search for new opportunities, better marketing, intellectual property and the successful commercialisation of new products. This is not just theory, talk and slogans – but real life hands on experience with real products and services and with real systems that deliver. This course will be an exciting interactive series in an experiential learning environment. Participants will be divided into groups with each group representing a simulated company. After an introductory series of discussions each group will be given tasks that relate to the development and commercialisation of products and services. Some of the product and services will be ones created during the session, others will be based on real life experience with real products displayed and discussed before each group develops their commercialisation strategy and plan. Discussions will then be held on the merit of these plans and then the real outcome of the real product will be revealed and discussed. From this we will learn some reasons for success and failure in the real world and compare this with what may have been the outcome using some of the strategies suggested by each group.


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