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Internationally, Businesses and Governments depend largely on the sectors of Finance, Information Technology, the Construction of Infrastructure, and Manufacturing, to propel the economies of their countries further along. Written communication is essential to all of these disciplines, and whatever technical, financial, human resource, auditing or other processes need to be documented, must be done as clearly as possible. Miscommunication and loss of quality, quantity, and profitability must be avoided. This includes management reviews and/or internal audit reports. Deadline 1st June 2020 Corporate Liabilities provision exposes all senior managers to being liable for the corrupt actions of their subordinates and 3rd party associates such as contractors and vendors. Under Section 17A of MACC Act 2018 an organization which commits an offence could be fined ten times the value of the gratification or one million ringgit (whichever is the higher) or imprisonment not exceeding twenty years or both whether or not they had actual knowledge of actions deemed to be an offence. Taking preventive action is critical for avoiding unnecessary losses. To prepare organizations to write management reviews and process audits clearly and accurately, so that any legal actions brought against them by dissatisfied parties can be defended in court, by providing 2 critical elements of documentation: proof of due diligence and proof that actions were taken without the consent of Management.


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