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Internationally, Businesses and Governments depend largely on the sectors of Finance, Information Technology, the Construction of Infrastructure, and Manufacturing, to propel the economies of their countries further along. Written communication is essential to all of these disciplines, and whatever technical, financial, or other processes need to be documented, must be done as clearly as possible. Miscommunication and loss of quality, quantity, and profitability must be avoided.

Report-writing isn’t a skill that anyone is born with; nor is it usually taught nor one of the favourite subjects among graduates & professionals. So it’s not surprising that many people struggle with it once they start work and even with years of experiences struggles. Most model the reports they read, dooming themselves to repeat the mistakes of their peers and sending their organizations on a race to the bottom. Though business-report writing is something that few people would claim to enjoy or relish, it’s become an inescapable part of professional life. So learning to do it painlessly and confidently will pay dividends throughout your career. That’s why we take a different, more scientific approach. We’ve divided report-writing into its essential components so that we can cover each systematically & effectively incorporating text, data, drawings, charts.

Improve the way you tackle each (we’ll show you how) and you’ll improve automatically. In fact, if you focus first on the quick wins, you’ll be able to see an improvement straight away. Writing and presenting reports effectively to incorporate text, data, drawings, charts, etc. can be easy, by following a few basic rules of communication. Spend 2 days of eye-opening fun, and go away a clearer, more efficient report writer!


March 16 @ 8:00 am
March 17 @ 5:00 pm
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