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In today’s reputation-driven economy, every business and organization must be ready to respond
in a crisis; whether human-made or a natural event. In 2018 itself, there are big companies in
Malaysia who have experienced crises in many forms. The age of disruption has brought with it a
new raft of potential crises, and the ever-increasing array of digital communication platforms
means one negative incident can go global in a heartbeat. It’s never been more urgent for
executives, managers and staff at all levels of an organization to learn vital skills in real-time crisis
communication, along with crucial techniques for preventing crises and building resilience.
Strategic Crisis Communication is designed to enhance the performance of professionals who are
involved in crisis communication. This training will equip them with valuable perspectives on
commercial values, with emphasis on how to handle crisis communication in the digital age and

avoid potential when they arise. The trainer will also share her techniques on how to build long-
term reputation which will be very vital in crisis communication. This 2-day interactive training will

be conducted using a mixture of practical and theory syndicate sessions to address the market
concerns in crisis management.


March 27, 2019
March 28, 2019
03 2721 0225

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