9:00 am — 5:00 pm
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For leaders, crisis can be the most painful experience that will test whether they are fit to be who they are in the organization. It is also an acid test for businesses as it will challenge how strong their brand is and their brand based system in a state of turmoil. The real challenge in handling crisis is how you would balance the act. On one side you need to strive towards solving the problem and on the other side you need to ensure that everything is within your control and behave that everything is going on fine. If you are not powerful and careful enough, you will be charged for Information Pollution. The media is out there to magnify the pollution and the consequences can be devastating

This 2 days programme is comprehensive enough to enable participants to understand the basic fundamentals required to handle a crisis. Providing a very hands on approach to the subject matter.


August 17 @ 9:00 am
August 18 @ 5:00 pm
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