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Tools to Simulate Your Project With Organisation Strategy.

In a world of uncertainty, where competition is showing signs of an impending paradigm shift, we all need to change. It is now accepted, that the only way to go forward is to tackle complexity with systemic approaches powered by emerging thinking. The goal is to generate solutions leading to a more sustainable future. Organisations are no different; they also have to follow similar patterns, because they are what people make of them.

How will the organisation proceed?
This is a question that emerges at some point in time. The complexity of the world we live in sets the pace for an adaptation that is irrefutable, no matter what the reason – economical, political, compliance, social, environmental or technological. What is certain is the imperative to choose between change and demise. Strategic decisions, either to meet shareholders’ expectations or survive in very competitive markets, have to be made. This requires an allocation of capital and human resources to achieve time-specific objectives considering the finitude of the organisation’s resources.

Strategic Project Selection Methodology
This training is designed to help organisations link strategic planning with the selection of projects that will allow the organisation to reach its goals and objectives. From process to activity, the participants will experience all the stages and aspects that are involved in strategic project selection. The goal is to present a methodology that helps select the particular subset (or “portfolio”) of projects that can be funded within the budget constraint that creates the greatest possible value for the organization. Selecting the right projects is a combination of strategy, intuition, information and the right tools. During the training the participants will be exposed to a tool that uses simple simulation to adjust the criteria and select projects that best reflect the organisation’s strategy. The course was conceived to address strategic project selection from senior executives to project managers. The systemic approach of the methodology allows the participants to experience top down and bottom up perspectives creating opportunities for development and knowledge gain across different leadership roles.


November 18, 2019
November 19, 2019
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